Relaxing Swedish:    60min ~ $80    90min~  $110

Relaxing Swedish massage uses soothing & revitalizing Ayurvedic massage oil, hot packs, & light to medium pressure to help the body unwind, reduce emotional stress, & encourage deep physical relaxation.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue:     60min ~  $90   90min ~ $120

Focused & intensive, deep tissue massage helps with small muscle injuries, chronic pain, whiplash or sports injuries, postural misalignment, spasms, and persistent muscle tension. Treatments use warming or cooling liniments, Ayurvedic massage oil, & soothing hot packs.

2 Hour combined Relaxation & Deep Tissue Therapy:    $160

This ultimate “Rocky Mountain Bliss” session allows ample time for a full-body massage and also focused treatment of chronic/acute body tension and pain. A session includes Ayurvedic massage oil, warming or cooling liniments, & soothing hot packs.

Acupuncture, Aromatherapy & Massage:    90 min ~  $130

Enjoy an all-natural escape from the everyday world and the body-balancing benefits of integrating acupuncture, essential oils, soothing hot packs, and a relaxing head & foot massage. This 90-minute session is designed to reset your mind & body.  A local favorite!!!

  • Add-on Cupping Massage:  $10
  • Add-on Aromatherapy:   $10


  • 1st session – Initial Intake:   90min ~ $125

Following the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this intake session allows us to identify the root cause of your unbalances & to address your body’s symptoms. The session includes a balancing acupuncture treatment. Common treatments are for hot flashes, fatigue, Lyme disease, altitude sickness, muscle cramps, and stress.

  • Following session:  60min ~  $75

Herbal Consultation

  • 1st session – Initial Intake:  60 min ~ $80

Chinese herbal medicine has a complementary way of treating both the symptoms and the root cause of your body’s imbalance. This session is intended for people who want to experience the benefits of Chinese medicine without acupuncture.