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The main root of Chinese Medicine is herbology, which offers fundamental support to the healing process initiated by Acupuncture.  Herbs are cost-effective and have the advantage of being relatively free of side effects when compared to western pharmaceutical medicines.  Chinese Herbal Medicine, with a rich 4000-year history, has a complimentary way of treating both the symptoms and the root underlying nature of the body’s imbalance.   Chinese Herbal Formulas contain 3 to as many as 15 highly specific herbs depending on the symptom and diagnosis of the patient.

Chinese Medicine Grand County ColoradoAt Sage Massage & Acupuncture, we only work with the highest quality Chinese herbs that are free of contaminants and heavy metals.  Both the national Institutes for Health and The World Health Organization recognize Traditional Chinese Medicine’s ability to treat over 43 commonly encountered clinical disorders.

 Chinese Medicine Winter Park ColoradoHere is an interesting story about the discovery of herbal medicine:

Many centuries ago, according to Chinese folklore, a farmer in Yunan found a snake near his hut and beat it senseless with a hoe, leaving it for dead.  A few days later he discovered the same snake slithering in his yard and again he tried to kill it.  When the apparently indestructible reptile appeared again a few days later the farmer gave it another beating, but this time he watched the bleeding snake crawl into a clump of weeds and begin eating them.  By the next morning its wounds were healing again and it was already recovering its vitality.  Such was the discovery, as legend has it, of San Qi (Panax Notoginseng), the main ingredient of Yunan Bai Yao, a white herbal powder that counteracts internal and external bleeding.  It does this by binding the edges of wounds and swiftly healing torn tissue. To this day there are many Chinese who use this to treat open wounds.

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