Your First Appointment

  • Please print, completely fill out and bring these New Patient Forms to your first session.
  • It is important that you are well hydrated and have eaten a small meal one hour prior to your appointment.
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, if possible, so the practitioner will have easy access to acupuncture points. Yoga or athletic pants are recommended.
  • Please refrain from brushing or scraping your tongue on the day of your appointment. The tongue coating, shape and color can tell a lot about the body.
  • Please retain from drinking coffee prior or alcohol the day of your appointment as it makes seeing the true nature of your body unclear.
  • Your first appointment should take about 90 minutes, but please plan to be here for 2 hours.
  • Many people think that they should not schedule an acupuncture treatment when they are sick with a cold or flu, but this is actually a good time to come, since acupuncture and herbal remedies can help speed recovery.
  • If possible try to make your appointment at a time when you will be able to relax after your visit. This is will help with the effectiveness of the acupuncture.