Spa & Massage

Massage Treatments

Relax & Renew Massage:  Long soothing strokes and light-to-medium pressure encourages deep physical relaxation and reduction of emotional stress.  Add-on “Aromatherapy” or “CBD Balance Oil” for enhanced tranquility. 

  • 60min:  $100
  • 90min:  $135
  • 120min: $180

Therapeutic Deep Tissue:  Realignment of the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue releases persistent muscle tension, chronic pain, whiplash or sports injuries, postural misalignment, spasms, and muscle injuries. Treatments include warming & cooling liniments, stretching and soothing hot-packs.  Add “CBD Oil & Relief Balm” for persistent inflammation, pain and stress

  • 60min:  $110
  • 90min:  $145
  • 120min: $200

Integrative Vitality Massage:  After an integrative blend of stillness and deep listening, relaxing steam packs and essential oils are applied to encourage one to sink deeply into a restful state.  Joint mobilization, stretching and gentle cupping open deeper fascia layers, bringing added circulation and electrical flow to areas of focus.  Tok Sen, percussive body work tools from the Thai Yoga tradition, is used to open persistent adhesions, sending sound vibration to clear blockages where hands cannot reach.  Soothing hot stones applied ground and finish your session. 

  • 90min:  $160
  • 120min: $210

Hot Stone Massage:  This unique form of Hot Stone massage therapy incorporates smooth heated basalt stones to penetrate heat deep into the muscles while melting away tension, relaxing muscles and soothing the nervous system. 

  • 60 min:  $115
  • 90 min:  $145

Acu-Raindrop & Massage:  Raindrop Therapy uses a layering process of 9 different therapeutic/medicinal grade essential oils applied to the feet and spine.  Nourishing hot packs and acupuncture points are added to balances body energy, promote structural alignment and improve immune function.  With Sage only.

  • 90min:  $145

Prenatal massage:  Prenatal massage  during pregnancy is a vital support to women as their bodies undergo major shifts and changes. Your prenatal massage therapist has been trained to know the exact spots to focus on to nurture expecting mothers.  Massage is safe at all stages of pregnancy.

  • 60min:  $100
  • 90min:  $135

TMJ Cupping & Intra Oral Massage:  Jaw clenching and grinding can create TMJ disfunction, facial pain and persistent headaches.  Wearing a sterile glove, your therapist will gently release tension inside the mouth.  Light cupping around the jaw, neck stretches and scalp massage further unwinds upper body tension.

  • 60min:  $115

Spa Treatments

Hydration Restore of the Face, Hands and Feet:  A collagen sheet mask is applied to the face and a jade roller gently releases tension.  A rich infusion of organic shea butter, coconut oil, hydrating sugar and detoxifying salt is applied to the lower leg for a gentle exfoliation.  Moisturizing Paracress plant extract, shea butter, soothing passionflower and nut free oils are massaged into the arm and hand. Hot towels moisten, soothe and release tension.

  • 60min:  $125

Himalayan Warm Salt Stone Massage & Shea Sugar Foot Exfoliation: This massage is a medium for releasing toxins from your body, reducing inflammation, rejuvenating the natural energy flow within and lightly exfoliating your skin.   A rich infusion of organic shea butter, coconut oil, hydrating sugar and detoxifying salt, is applied to the lower leg for a gentle exfoliation.  Hot towels moisten, soothe and release tension.

  • 60 min:  $125
  • 90 min:  $145

Antara CBD Tension Release Face, Hands & Feet:  Infused with age defying Paracress plant and hydrating shea butter, Antara’s CBD Restore Balm is applied to the face and a jade roller gently releases tension.  Restore Balm & Balance CBD Oil, a calming and harmonizing “Zen Blend” of flower essences, is massaged into the stress release points on the hands and feet.  Hot towels moisten, soothe and release tension.

  • 60min:  $125

Antara CBD Balance Oil and Deep Relief Balm Massage:  Bring harmony to the body with organic Balance CBD Oil, passion flower enhanced, hydrating and nourishing full body massage.  Relief CBD Balm, a powerful salve for muscle aches and pains infused with cayenne and arnica work together with the immunity blend of cinnamon, clove and ginger essential oils.  Hot towels moisten the skin, soothe and release tension.

  • 60min:  $125


I received an acupuncture treatment with essential oils. I came to Sage with pain and left pain free. Sage is excellent at acupuncture. I have had several treatments over the course of two years by another acupuncturist prior to coming to Sage, this was the Best treatment I have ever had. I plan to come back routinely for massage and acupuncture.

D.W. - Colorado

Sage, Thank you for your expert advice regarding my health issues and the herbal medicines which have enhanced my physical well being over the past two months. Appreciate your thoughtful listening ear and willingness to thoroughly research my health issue and keeping me informed of the latest procedures. You are a blessing!

L.B - Washington State

I have had several shoulder and back issues over the years from construction and Sage has worked wonders! She has relieved pain and headaches and has been fixing years of abuse to my body. I highly recommend Sage for massage, dry needling and cupping as I have haven't felt this good in years!

T.F. - Colorado

Sage is an amazing healer in so many ways. I have always loved her massage work and now she’s added the powerful acupuncture work and herbs. Want to get well? Go to Sage! She has blessed me in many ways!

S.D. - Arizona